How to become an Amazon Associate A.K.A. (Amazon Affiliate Program)

First, before you think of signing up for Amazon Affiliate Program you should have an existing website or blog in able to get through the process, so create one first and get back to signing up with Amazon Associates. There's no direct Amazon Affiliate in Philippines yet but you can sign up with a Foreign Account.

So what is the Amazon affiliate program?, also called "Amazon Associates" is one of many ways to monetize your website or blog. Simply sign up and became verified, then place Amazon affiliate links on your website using API's. When someone makes an Amazon purchase via one of your links, you get the commission, that's it!.

So here's how to sign up:

Go to, and click sign up.

1.) Create new Account

2.) Fill up the required information,
3.) Check your email address and key in the provided OTP,
4.) Set up your password and you'll be logged in after verification.
After account verification, you'll be prompted to complete the Tax Information Interview Form and Payment Information on how you want Amazon to pay you, but since there are no listed Philippine banks you only have the option the receive through amazon gift checks or by Cheque payment to be sent through your provided address; set to $100 threshold.
Your Amazon Dashboard has all the tool and information you need to integrate the product to your website, just explore through the suggested videos and read the blogs for ideas. 
Here's a quick peek of what's there to see:
That's about it!, good luck and have fun in your new endeavor!
"Plans need to be set in motion, it starts when you decide to take action"

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