E2E Education to Employment, Thinking Out Loud!

As a kid, we are being prepared and groomed to aim for a better future. That is why at our young age, our parents sent us to school to learn. Life is a series of learning after all. Even as a child we learn from our mistakes, what things can hurt us and what not. It’s all from our everyday experiences as we grow up and go on with our lives.


Being a student, we commonly hear from our parents to study hard, get good grades so later on – land a good job and earn good salary. The problem in our current educational system is, actions are always match with corresponding action. A good work is rewarded by a good grades and poor grades to those who never excel in the activity. Fact is, they don’t tell us to keep on trying after we fail the current activity. So, our minds are set to succeed on our first attempt, if we fail to submit then you already lose your chance and deal with the penalty. So move on!, you’ll have your chance on the next activity but not this one. Another thing is, the system does not teach us how to manage our emotion, handle frustrations and most rejections. So the weak resorts to quitting school. The system is built to technicality, but poorly focusing in other aspects that build us as a person. School teach us knowledge, great stuffs and tools we need to be able to find a job but, didn’t prepared us to face the reality and cruelty of the employment world. In fairness, yes we know how to deal with pressure because school is driven by a system with a deadline to motivate us. But I think it’s pretty far out compared to pressure and stress brought by the corporate world.


Yeah we already knew that actions comes with consequences but think about it. It’s the same principle corporate world use. Whereas, good performance is rewarded by a compliment or sometimes nothing, well you don’t get salary increase or promotion that fast so don’t bother, not in ages my friend. While a lousy job can cause you agitation, worst case scenario is getting fired if you got caught up in a numerous unsatisfactory job. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against employment system, having a job is great!. Everybody needs to work to live. To experience hardships and struggles that will strengthen then mold us into a tougher version of us. Then, to establish a good plan for life to work out for us.


Lack of confidence and a good working environment creates a negative perception about our current work. This is why companies offer trainings, seminars and work place familiarization. Team building is also one good thing a company provides. This activities are important because it builds up self confidence, a good working attitude and a harmonious relationship amongst co-workers. Work competition is good when it creates a positive aura and a job well done but, it’s bad when your personality gets dark. The problem about this is, company activities such as this took years to plan and execute, mostly years to follow up.



Well this is my own point of view and past experiences, so don’t get upset about it!. You can always create your own blog and write stuffs also, freedom of expression right?. Actually, this is just an introduction to my upcoming post, why I brought up this subject?, or let’s just say “I’m just thinking out loud” like the title of the song Ed Sheeran wrote :-D. I mean and will state the obvious, the difference and fact about employment systems and, the opportunity for you to see and learn from what I learned from it.



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