Mt Maculot - The Black Saturday Day Hike

Mt. Macolod or Commonly known as Mt. Maculot is located in Cuenca Batangas so the route differs from your point of origin.

How to get there:

From Manila:

To get to Mt Maculot, ride a bus going to Lemery from Buendia or Cubao. Travel time is 2 to 3 hours. Ask the driver to drop you off at Cuenca by the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) Church.

From Southern Luzon:

There are 2 locations to choose from:

1.) Head to Sto. Tomas Batangas, get off the Public Market & take the Bus bound to Lemery. Ask the driver to drop you off at Cuenca by the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) Church.

2.) Head to Tiaong, Quezon, ask the Conductor to drop you at Tiaong-Lipa Jeepney Terminal and ride that trip to Lipa City then: 

From Lipa:

Just ride Jeepney towards Lemery and get off at Cuenca by the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) Church.

Our Journey:

Since we are all staying at Lipa, City; it only requires a jeepney ride going to Lemery ( fare that time was 25 pesos). We get off by the Cuenca, and chose to walk to the registration (you can ride a tricycle for 20 pesos by the way).


Registration is must, and fees apply as group sets and additional fee for extra heads.

Hike Began:

There are different ascend locations; if you're aiming for Rockies-Summit or traverse the best jump off point is at Brgy. Siete (7) there's a Mountaineer's Store that serves as a major meet up point by the way. In our case we originally planned to visit the grotto so we chose  Brgy. Sinco (5) and begin ascending the 14 stations of the cross to reach the Grotto (Our Lady of Lourdes).


After taking the mandatory photos (apparently I didn't get their photos), we had some food to replenish our energy then we (boys) decided to conquer the summit since we're already near, but fully aware of the difficult rope segments which one of the hiker shared as a warning. 

Here you can see rope blockade to give the hikers the chance to back down, crossing over means there's no turning back (kidding, you can go back anytime hehe). 

Beyond that are series of moderate to steep climb and cliff hanger rope segments.

Then after more or less 30 mins we eventually reach the summit:

The famous "Rockies" is some 1 km descend from the opposite direction where we came from, we thought of traversing too since we had the chance to but our companions are left behind waiting for us at the campsite and we can' let them descend on their own since they're all girls. So, decision was made to head back same way we came in to meet the rest of them and come down together just like the beginning.

We didn't Traverse but for anyone who plans to do it, here are some information that may be helpful to you: 

Wear proper clothing:

 - Long Sleeve Outdoor/ Rash Guard Hiking Hoodies

- Hats/Caps & Scarfs (Protect your skin from the sun)

- Trekking shoes (dusty, muddy & rocky trail)

In your backback:

-2L Water bottle (Energy drinks will be better)

-Trail Foods (Immediate energy sources, energy bars, candies etc)

-Pack Lunch (Time is of the essence, day hike doesn't require cooking at site)

-Extra Clothes & Toiletries (Before & after trek necessities)

-Raincoat or Rain jacket (Be prepared in case it rains)

-Garbage Bag (as they say “Leave nothing but footprints”)

Group Checklist:

- First Aid kit

- Tent, (if camping overnight)

- Portable Stove and Cookwares

- Food Supplies (Carbohydrates, Energy sources)

- Lighting source (General use), better to bring emergency light

- Knife & Hiking tools (Survival kit Set)

- Duct Tape/Packaging Tape

- Water Proofing Stuffs, (for electronic devices, in case it rains)

- Large plastic bag,trash bag,zip lock plastic bags(for e-devices) - can be used for waterproofing your bags (if rain cover wasn't provided).

Location Start at Cuenca, in the Batangas (1.5-2 hours south of Manila)
Distance 9km circuit (traverse of Mt Maculot)
Grade Moderate. Some steep/muddy sections of track
Season/s All year. Best time is January-March


Pack right to fully enjoy the hike!.

"Live life to the fullest, because death is the only thing permanent in our lives"



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